Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, I figured it was about time to do another blog wasn't that I was particularly inspired by anything, but rather that I just felt like I wanted to write something.

So the topic at hand is games. Specifically, I could say, video games. You've always been interested in electronic gizmos and gadgets, but it was a bit random and haphazard (how you handled things). Sure, you could use a touch screen to draw. And you could flip through pictures. You could even, through lots of random trying, start videos on the phone. But this was different.

Last night, out of lack of better thing to do at the time, I handed you my phone with one of the games I'd downloaded on it. It was a "memory" type card game, and looking at it I figured that at the very least you'd like the animal noises that one of the sets of cards made. Both me and your dad showed you how to find the two cards that matched. Pretty soon, you got the hang of it...and even won the game. You've gotten better and better, and tonight you did a couple of games on the phone all by yourself!

After that, I wondered if you would enjoy your MobiGo that you got for Christmas a little more. I pulled it out (it hadn't been touched for a few months) and looked for a game that you might handle. Luckily, you took pretty well to two of the games. One was matching shape outlines to blocks, and another was controlling a Buzz Lightyear to jump over things. It was so much fun to see you actually play with intention like that.

In some ways, I find it funny, since a lot of parents try to keep their kids from playing video games...and there might come a day where we might want you to do your homework or go outside and play instead. But for now, it's gives you something else to do too!

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