Thursday, September 20, 2012


I think we've been hyping up Disneyland for quite some time, and so it might not have seemed real when we were finally on our way there!  We finally made it to Disneyland (or California Adventure!) and had three days to spend in the parks.  The last day we spent a little time at the beach, which you LOVED!  In a way, it was sad when you were trying to get us to go out the door on our last we could go back to Disneyland...

(But the beach was better that day...having to go home...well, not so much :) )

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yet Another Daniel Funny...

Just had to jot this quick one down...

In the bathtub tonight, Jared had just climbed out (and was feeling particularly rambunctious), grabbed a sock and shoe and ran into the toilet area, pulled open the lid and plunked both into the toilet.  As both your mom and dad went "NO Jer-bear!!!", you yelled at him too, adding in "no birthday for YOU"

OK that was pretty darn funny (and repeated a few more times) since Jared was naughty, he can't have a birthday today... :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Daniel Funny Again

Before I put another update (which, sadly, I've been a bad updates for HOW long???) I'll mention the latest Daniel funny. This was pointed out by Mike (daddy!), but all of the pieces were there over the past week or so.

Daniel and I were watching a little bit of TV for the evening, and I told him that I was getting up to go to the bathroom, that I would be right back. In that time after my departure from the couch, he got up and went to visit his dad in the computer room.

"Daddy, I want to drive the car...turn the wheel"

(insert amused, perhaps confused look from the daddy)

Daniel proceeds to put one finger up to his mouth, thoughtfully, before continuing "Hmm...but how?"

After relaying this to me after I emerged from the bathroom, I realized that Daniel has been showing us his best "thoughtful" look for the past week or two. The finger by the mouth. The "hmm...". The eyes looking up, as if the answer is written high up on the wall. The random subjects come to him at equally as random times. But it's so funny! We love you, little buddy!