Monday, August 1, 2011

A Belated Happy Birthday!

A much belated happy birthday! As always, so many things have happened, so I'll go through them one by one!

Birthday: You turned 3 on July 9th! It seems unreal that you are actually three...not that the two's were bad, but so many things have happened since your second birthday.

The festivities started on the 4th of July weekend, when we went to visit your grandparents (Coon) and you had a small birthday party then. You love blowing out candles, but were a little shy when the big moment came.

After that, the 4th of July came, and your other grandparents (Stone) arrived. You got a second birthday cake, and a second round of presents. It was so funny once you realized what was going'd see your cake, and say "my birthday" or "cake cake!".

Potty Training: You had a major breakthrough recently! After months of just "trying potty" at daycare, you finally went! In grand 5 times in one day while you were there. You've had pretty good success since then (July 21st was the "big" day) and you've been going here and there at home.

Things You Know: You are so good at figuring things out! name it. Colors and shapes are coming along quite well, and you know so many animals and names of your friends. You're very aware of what goes on in your TV shows, and you have so many of them's so cute to watch you recite the words.

How Big You Are: At your doctor's appointment, you were about 29.6 lbs, and 36 inches tall.

And with that...a few pictures from your birthday set!

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