Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday!

Wow...imagine that, I actually got around to doing the obligatory birthday post today!  I'm on top of it!

In any case, today you turn FIVE years old!  I honestly can't believe it!  You've been so much fun over the past five years (and more, if you count pregnancy...you were entertaining then too!), and we can't wait to see what the next years hold.

Five years ago, yesterday, we didn't know if you were a boy or a girl, and we were sitting at home having a nice quiet evening before your induction scheduled for the next morning.  Instead of getting a good night's sleep, my water broke and we were off to the hospital.  After waiting anxiously over the night, and pushing for a couple of hours, you were born at 4:55am...about an hour before we were due to show up at the hospital for the induction.

(And...if all goes well..so far so good...your baby sister will NOT be giving us a recreation of your birth today!  I'm sure you don't really want to share anyway!)

Five years have passed and you've had many adventures and gone through many changes as you've grown up.  In those years, you've lived in two states (NV and AZ), three different houses and become a big brother almost twice over!  You've flown more times than some adults have in their entire lifetime  (10 trips!) and been to quite a few states in the process (8!).

The past year alone you've grown by leaps and bounds.  You became 100% potty trained (overnight and everything!), learned your ABC's pretty well, learned to spell your name, became more brave and determined to swim independently, figured out so many things on the computer, and taken really good care of your little brother (helping him out whenever he gets stuck!).  You also started speech therapy (which has helped so much with your confidence and being able to talk...you are so funny and smart when you share what's on your mind!).  And finally, you've gotten ready for school, and attended the school district's preschool...all ready for kindergarten next month!

With that...I hope today is the best birthday yet!!!

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